Scorpio horoscope today december 19 2019

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Today's Scorpio Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

Today may be mildly confusing and irritating. My advice would be to fit in with the lunar cycle by going all out for rest, relaxation, self-indulgence and personal pleasure. You may soon have to take urgent action, but just how urgent is another matter.

In spite of certain personal questions, you may be under considerably less pressure to act than other people. And this means that you can time your own affairs until you sense you have the maximum advantage. Your current Sun-Moon angle brings a turning point in a number of important personal cycles. Just do your best to stay in the present moment; the future has many unpredictable blessings and setbacks for us! Find ways to savor the best of what today has to offer, and let yourself be a little intense—or a little detached.

Your Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, December 19: How Will Saturn Entering Capricorn Affect You?

Whatever suits you! The moon enters Scorpio, lighting up the sector of your chart that rules your finances, and your sense of security gets a tremble as the moon opposes Uranus. It's not a day to place bets, but it's a great time to embrace change. The moon enters your sign today, Scorpio!

Make time for self-care: Express your rage in a journal entry, rip it to shreds, and then gather your friends together to toast your successes. Unexpected turns arrive in your relationships, so make the most of the energy by celebrating freedom and flexibility.


Be gentle with yourself and catch up on rest, Sagittarius. The moon enters Scorpio, a sign that looks tough on the outside but is really quite sensitive! Unexpected tasks land on your to-do list as the moon opposes unruly Uranus.


Manage your time wisely, and take a break when you need it. Your attention shifts to your social life as the moon enters Scorpio, but unexpected drama pops up as the moon opposes Uranus, and you're called to make a change to live and love more authentically. The moon enters Scorpio, lighting up the sector of your chart that rules your career and reputation, but your attention is unexpectedly pulled to your private life as the moon opposes Uranus.

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A surprising change asks you to find a better balance between your home and work. You're inspired to travel as the moon enters fellow water sign Scorpio, but unexpected news or a surprising change to your plans arrives as the moon opposes wildcard Uranus. Keep your plans flexible and your mind open today.

Intense and unexpected emotions come to the surface as the moon enters Scorpio and opposes wildcard Uranus today. It's important to stay flexible and open-minded at this time—the more you lock into a certain position, the more you will limit yourself.

Scorpio Horoscope tomorrow October 10 12222

Relationships are a big theme for you today as the moon enters your opposite sign, Scorpio. Unexpected turns in your partnerships arrive as the moon oppose wildcard Uranus. You need a change, and are craving more freedom.