Pisces first house astrology

Pisces Houses in Astrology

tabtucagazy.ga/kinsfolk-and-kindred-spirits.php All the sixth house functions are over-emphasized — a double whammy! The seventh house rules partnerships and marriages. This house opposes the first. The first house signifies the way you project your energies towards others, while the seventh house signifies the energies you project onto others, and the energies you are looking for in a close relationship.

You can think of it as that part of your own energies you want to be resonated or boomeranged from your partner. The seventh, Libra, and Venus are all related. Venus rules relationships involving warmth and love. The seventh house is not naturally connected to love. Successful marriages are a combination of seventh house partnership and fifth house self-expression love. Saturn in the seventh house may mean a number of things. If we follow the energy resonance line of thinking then you are probably drawn to saturnine people. You may very well have fewer relationships.

While in a relationship you may feel weighed down by a sense of responsibility which may turn you off relationships.

Retrograde Saturn in 1st House in Pisces

Or, you may find it difficult to build bridges with someone else. That may, in turn, keep you away from relationships. Be aware of your predilection. Know that you might be the kind of person who takes relationships more seriously than most. Be aware that your sense of responsibility makes you a very good partner. Your partner benefits from your attitude.

Advertise yourself as someone who might not get into relationships easily but when you do, they last forever.

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Traditionally, the eighth house was recognized as the house of death. Saturn in the eighth in a natal chart would mean a horrible death. Modern day astrologers have moved away from that line of thinking. Today we think of the eighth house as a house of resurrections. The eighth house symbolizes transformations through growth and change. As an individual, you might need to re-invent yourself from time to time.

The eighth house is opposite the second house, which symbolizes your attitude to possessions. In that sense the eighth house stands for your attitude to giving up relics of the past, so you can grow and change. Saturn in the eighth house can be a powerful influence. This influence will make you simply resist transformations, change, and growth. You will find it very difficult to accept changes in your life. Any change will be stressful for you, bringing in anxiety and worry. Be aware of this influence.

Prepare for change. Take time to chart out a course or action plan whenever change is imminent. Read a book on managing change in your life or at work. Change, if managed well, can make your life richer and better.

The ninth house signifies ideas, philosophies, and rationalizations of the conscious mind. It opposes the third house which governs the unconscious mind. The ninth house, therefore, governs the functioning of the higher mind — those thought processes that define us as humans. Mind expansion is a basic ninth house function. Saturn in the ninth house indicates a practically minded individual.

You are unlikely to take to flights of fantasy or fancy ideas.

Your Ascendant is Pisces

You might even be closed to new ideas. Your thinking might be overly closed and conservative.

Be aware that while practicality is a great quality, the world needs people to come up with new ideas in order to move forward or even keep going. Instead, adopt a constructive attitude. Tell yourself and others that you can be practical in your thinking. And, that is an asset. At the same time, encourage people around you to think and act out their ideas and philosophies. You can be close-minded and mean, or the sane anchor of practicality for the creativity around you.

The Meanings of the Houses

First house in Pisces — personality traits of men and women. Influence of the horoscope houses in zodiac signs for the natal chart of a person. Our Rising Sign is a very important astrological parameter, even though This is quite natural, as the 1st house (the Ascendant being on its.

The choice is yours! While the sixth house rules work, the tenth house rules the work that you identify with. You will be concerned with the development and growth of your child in real world terms. At work, you may have the desire to lead or guide co-workers. In any case, you will take your career or chosen profession more seriously than most.

Both at work and home, your teaching or leadership style will be based on practical aspects of life. You may feel like you are under a magnifying glass, so to speak, when it comes to the path you choose to take in your career or in the roles you take on. Defensiveness and self-consciousness about your importance in the material world can result. A rather conservative approach to life is often adopted, which may or may not conflict with your more personal aspirations. You will shoulder immense responsibilities with ease.

This might not always work for you. Take care not to take on too much at a time. If you feel overloaded with responsibilities — delegate some! One-to-one relationships are a seventh house function. This implies your relationship with friends, extended family, and the organization you work for, and so on. Saturn in the eleventh house, therefore, works much in the same way as in the seventh read Saturn in the seventh , except that the nature of the relationships are different. You may find socializing tiresome and prefer to stay alone.

At the root of this perception, there may be a fear of failure in a group setting. It may be easier to fall back on, and take too much pride in, your uniqueness as an individual rather than submit to the idea that you belong and identify with a group. The fact that you take friendships more seriously than most can give you a heavy sense of responsibility and reluctance to form ties as if you somehow sense that forming them will burden or obligate you too much.

Staying alone might seem to be a better use of your time. Watch out for this.

A deep-seated feeling of loneliness and separateness may be the result. Take time to personalize your social interactions. Since you find group activity uncomfortable, develop a few good friends to hang out with. You have a greater capacity than most to be a loyal and long-standing friend!

Beyond friendships and groups, the eleventh house is associated with our long-term goals, hopes, and dreams. Saturn here can make you just as reluctant to commit to any one life path, and to articulate or define your innermost wishes, as you are to attach yourself to a group identity. It is as if doing so would be too binding and revealing. When you learn to identify and overcome your fear of failure, you will discover that this fear has been the only thing holding you back from defining and working towards your dreams. Each planet in the twelfth house represents energies that an individual may be denying even exists.

Saturn in this house could mean an early life setback which prompts you to push the realities of life into the unconscious. People with this position of Saturn often are plagued with guilt and it is difficult for them to know where the guilt is coming from, or even to define their anxieties. Fear of the unknown and of being overwhelmed or controlled by emotions may be the source of your general anxiety in life. It can be difficult for you to submit to the idea that you may need help from others, preferring instead to withdraw and handle your problems in solitude.

The idea of exposing your innermost feelings makes you feel painfully vulnerable and dependent on others. A deep-seated feeling of loneliness and separateness can be the result.

The First House

While self-control seems to be the most attractive route for you, you might find that letting others inside you, even in little ways, will help you overcome many of the vague feelings of guilt, self-doubt, and anxiety that prevent you from enjoying life in a free and natural manner. Its natural sign ruler is Virgo and its natural planetary ruler is Mercury. Work and job as opposed to career , techniques and methods, daily life, order, self-improvement, health, nutrition, attitude towards food, service, attitude towards service and co-workers, helpfulness, pets, attitude towards routine and organization, how we refine and perfect ourselves, aptitudes.

The seventh house is an angular house. Its natural sign ruler is Libra and its natural planetary ruler is Venus. The eighth house is a succedent house. Its natural sign ruler is Scorpio and its natural planetary ruler is Pluto Mars. The ninth house is a cadent house. Its natural sign ruler is Sagittarius and its natural planetary ruler is Jupiter.

Our personal belief system, our sense of adventure, exploration, religious beliefs and personal philosophy, higher education, long-distance travel, morals, foreign languages and cultures, personal truths, publishing, commerce. The tenth house is an angular house. Its natural sign ruler is Capricorn and its natural planetary ruler is Saturn. The eleventh house is a succedent house. Its natural sign ruler is Aquarius and its natural planetary ruler is Uranus Saturn.

Acquaintances and friends, groups, organizations, hopes, wishes, aspirations, personal goals, our sense of our true inner purpose, our sense of the group, humanity. The twelfth house is a cadent house. Its natural sign ruler is Pisces and its natural planetary ruler is Neptune Jupiter. That which is hidden or below the surface, karma, self-undoing, soul growth, hidden strengths and hidden weaknesses, dreams, private affairs, lost items, hospitals and prisons, spiritual studies.

See this full-screen. The first house is an angular house. Its natural sign ruler is Aries and its natural planetary ruler is Mars. The lower mind, communication, interactions in our immediate environment, siblings and early environment, neighbors, thoughts, short trips, writing and speaking, how we formulate our thoughts, language skills, media and communications.

The cusp of the fourth house is a special angle called the IC Immum Coeli and is also called the nadir. Its natural sign ruler is Scorpio and its natural planetary ruler is Pluto.

The influence of planets near the ascendant

Its natural sign ruler is Aquarius and its natural planetary ruler is Uranus. Its natural sign ruler is Pisces and its natural planetary ruler is Neptune. Be sure to find out your personal astrology data online, at no cost.