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Virgo Ascendant

follow site Go in the same order of lessons as is provided here. Practice and more practice. Virgo Ascendant Traits - Virgo Ascendant Virgo natives tend to be a little serious and reserved , almost opposite to Leo. They do not prefer to speak their intentions or achievements aloud. Rather, they tend to work behind the scenes and never take the center stage. They are quite organized , disciplined, and clever and this aura of intelligence is quite apparent in their personality.

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Observation and analysis gives them a sense of satisfaction. They always take time to scrutinize things before accepting them. They also take time to form relationships, as they tend to first analyze people. Sometimes, these natives are also criticizing in nature. They make observational remarks upon people and situations. Are you a Virgo Ascendant? Find out easily here! Year The voice will be thin and even shrill. Due to their activity, they often appear younger than their actual age.

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Read about what is Virgo ascendant or Kanya Lagna? And if you are born Virgo rising sign read how your character are? Planets in Vedic astrology. Astrology articles and videos by Pandit First House. Sun – Sun 12th Lord in Virgo in Lagna indicates that native will be fond of music, painting, and.

The nose will be straight, indicating they are very clever, not necessarily cunning. The forehead near eyebrows will be pronounced. The expression of their eyes will be honest and frank.


Mental Tendencies : Virgo is ruled bi inconstant Mercury. So the change is always desired. Of all the people born in the 12 signs of the Zodiac the Virgoan are very conscientious and very capable of handling unfavorable conditions.

They will mark time and get prepared to handle it wisely. They will have a commercial instinct and will be very brisk and quick in their work just like a first moving planet Mercury. When they begin to talk or explain they pay attention to the details of things. They will add such wealth to the detail which will make others feel boring. They are through and methodical.

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They first think and then act as a result they are more e sensible and rational. They are practical and discriminative.

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Self pity is one of their vices. They are severely critical. If they have a week mercury is your chart then they give up difficult tasks whereas if the Mercury is strong in their chart they will do it perfectly. They will analyze, dissect and go deep into the matter. They are remarkable for keeping everything in place properly and orderly.

They will be governed much by intellect as Mercury gets exalted here. Health and Disease : They are normally a temperate person, they live sensibly. They enjoy robust health with long life and healthy old age.


When they are young, they will be very active and will appear much younger due to their activity. They are also very particular about their diet. Hence they do not fall ill often. But planets afflicting ascendant will cause digestive and intestinal troubles. Generally people having malefics in Virgo, suffer from dysentery, typhoid during their periods.

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As always, we propose to our readers to use the Placidus system in calculating their houses, because we find it to function better both on our own charts and on the charts of other people that we have analyzed. Given above are some of the basic traits for Virgo Ascendant people; and the disposition of other planets, divisional chart, dasa and transit may also have their respective say in modifying the results. Virgo rising people are often rather particular about food. I am finding as if you know me more than my parents and teachers. A hidden reason behind this can be an inner need to have control over the situations that happen around them, and to have the key for initiating such. Loading… 0. Also, Virgo is a very hard-working sign.

The week points physically are their nervous system and their stomach. For Virgo ascendant Saturn happens to be the lord of 6 th and Mars happens to be the lord of 8 th so they are susceptible to minor injuries very often. Finance and Fortune : As they possess a sound commercial instinct, they are normally careful about their money. They have the great desire to become rich and hence they are very conscious about the value of money. They do not usually come by fortune and much of wealth.

They will work hard but the remuneration will not be satisfactory, as the lord of 6 th is Saturn. Investments also will not prove to be good, as the returns will be poor. They will have many ups and downs.