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What do the stars predict for the coming year for the NYSE? Her low profile has even led some to speculate she was only a pseudonym for W. Gann a rather sexist theory proposed by a man. But yes, she did exist. Her younger brother was born two years later. Her father, Robert, was from Texas and her mother was from France.

New York Stock Exchange in Astrogeography

She died when Louise was only 21 years old. John worked as an assistant engineer at an oil refinery and Louise was a stay-at-home mom. Apparently she used her middle and maiden names for her work for privacy. She had studied the astrology of financial markets for years and one would guess that she made some modest investments herself. Perhaps she did readings for clients.

Evangeline Adams and her teacher Catherine Thompson had used some financial forecasting techniques beginning in the late s. An economic bubble or speculative bubble is when trade in an asset occurs at an overinflated price i.

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Horoscope and astrology data of Business: NYSE born on 17 May New York, New York, with biography. Business: NYSE - natal chart (Placidus). These planets placed around a skeleton New York Stock Exchange Chart pointed It is easy to place the signs with their degrees around the skeleton chart of the New York Stock Exchange whereas it is Add the NYSE birth chart to work list.

For example, investors in a new company technology will lose money when the business fails to generate expected profits. This is a sign of overinflated and unrealistic confidence — a kind of market self-delusion. A chart for the relevant date, October 9th, reflects this nicely, with Saturn making an exact square to swift Mercury and another to energetic Mars within 3 degrees.

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I can think of no better indicator of something being slowed down, of the brakes being applied! These two processes perfectly describe the effects of Saturn and Jupiter, respectively, and the Saturn effect was reflected in the second half of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle beginning in May with the opposition in Pisces-Virgo.

Market Analysis with Astrology

Unlike in , when central banks were able to lower interest rates and expand their balance sheets, central banks now have much less elbow room to enact loose monetary policy to prevent a recession from happening. This was essentially the fault of the lenders, i. According to the Guardian phase one of the Global Financial Crisis started,.

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These three signs are therefore emblematically represented by a ladder of three principal rounds, by means of which the sun climbs up from the point of his lowest southern declination to the vernal equinox and the "seven stars" in Taurus. See the best dates this month for various activities based on the Moon's sign and phase, including information about wedding dates, beauty, shopping and gardening. Here we had four planets and two asteroids Juno and Chiron all within 13 degrees of Aquarius, a sure sign that some new beginning was taking place. Tupac Amaru Cusco. The heavens are measured using three different spheres, and each sphere has its own set of cardinal points:.

This was the moment it became clear that there were tens of trillions of dollars worth of dodgy derivatives swilling round which were worth a lot less than the bankers had previously imagined. Interestingly, the illuminating reality- check on the part of BNP Paribas when it took decisive action shows up with Saturn-Venus a dampening effect opposite Neptune, and Uranus in close conjunction to the IC, with an exact trine between Saturn and Pluto.

On a financial chart, this latter aspect suggests powerful interests getting the wheels turning trines indicate momentum , as BNP Paribas duly did. Then, of course, there was the Lehman Brothers scandal:. As the once proud defender of the people against the excesses of capitalism sank into the quicksand, financial storm clouds swiftly gathered overhead.

A Mars-Pluto opposition had occurred on March 6th only one degree from being exact on the 9th and the symbolism is almost perfect: both a financial crisis and a sexual scandal caused by people in high places! Obviously, this is Saturnian limitation, too — and this planet is significant in the chart set for 11th Oct , New York which has Saturn conjunct Venus, but square to the MC. The weekly information we will publish on MoneyShow.

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Of course, with every new high and low there is more information to examine, absorb and consider. As with all market analysis, this is about finding an edge, not the Holy Grail. Critical to this type of astrological analysis is the date, time and location of when the futures contract first opened for trading.

The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle in Financial Astrology

This is where I took a page out of the book of my financial astrology elders, who have long applied planetary transit analysis to individual stocks. The difference is that the New York Stock Exchange has had just three different opening bells since , so the time for the first-trade is pretty easy to figure out.

Jake Paul Astrology Chart

In contrast, futures contracts have no standard opening bell. It can vary by exchange, product and even opening-day ceremonies.

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My research has gone to great lengths to ensure accurate first-trade data for the six markets detailed in my book.